Monday, July 02, 2007

The Past Weekend and Upcoming Plans

Ok, so I woke up on Saturday and my ankle felt about 100 times better than it did Friday night. Thank goodness for either prayer or Advil, or the combination of both. Anyway, that was barely worth the time I spent writing about it. Other than that, we had quite a full and encouraging weekend. On Saturday Reid and I got invited to watch Peru play Venezuela at Miguel and Gladys' house (two of the young people at the church). It was great because we ended up staying all afternoon and until pretty late at night. They fed us dinner and gave us these really good donut type desert things that are amazing. The best part about Saturday night was that after the game Gladys asked us what we thought about Christians and politics...boy was I excited about this one. I have never before been so thankful for Christianity in Culture and my freshman Bible class (especially the part where we had to memorize the main points of each book of the NT). Anyways, it was so refreshing to carry on a conversation with another person about life and about the questions we all have about it. I wish I could tell you more, but there's something indescribable about moments like these.

Yesterday was great at church. We met at the home of Cesar (one of the members) and filled his livingroom. Alot of the youth were there and we all went to lunch afterwards at a Cevicheria. By the way, Ceviche is basically raw fish soaked in Lemon Juice to "cook" it with its acidity. I tasted it, but there's noway I could handle my own dish, so I got some Chifa (a mixture between Peruvian and Chinese). At church we met Mario, who runs the orphanage. He's very excited that we want to spend time with them. He kept telling us how much emotional and sexual abuse these children have encountered and was surprised that we're interested in staying there for a while. I'm so excited because this is really where my heart is. We also met a guy who offered to take Reid and I into the jungle for a few days...we're talking primitive, have to take a boat and only a backpack kind of stuff. Apparently there are churches scattered all through the jungle that meet that no one really knows about. We're still considering this option.

This week it looks like we'll be heading out to the orphanage to stay for several days. I can't wait to get involved there and play with some kids. We'll also be finalizing our plans for the jungle...eesh. We'll also be figuring out when and for how long we're going to Cusco and Machu Picchu. There's also a church there that we might get to spend some time with. In addition to all of this, we really want to continue pursuing time and study with Alan, Gladys, Miguel and others at the church. I hope we continue to share time with them. I'll get back with updates of our plans coming up this week. Keep praying that God guides us and gives us direction for the next 3.5 weeks. Peace!


Jen said...

The overprotective side of me is nervous about this jungle trip thing!!! :(