Thursday, July 12, 2007

Weekend Update

Well, after a week of reflection and preparation for the coming weekend, a change in plans is in store for the weekend. There is a man named Julio from the church that asked Reid and I to spend a few days with him in the jungle getting to know various tribes and churches that are scattered throughout the jungle of Eastern Peru. This week has been a workout trying to make last minute plans, but it's been great. On Tuesday we bought our ticket for the 18 hour bus ride out of Lima and into the rain forest. We also bought our return flight ticket for Monday night so that we could get back quick enough to go to Lima. I was a little nervous because we found that we were entering a Yellow Fever zone and I haven't had any of the required shots. I decided to go ahead and chance it a take extra insect repellent.

All this changed today....Last night we had dinner with Alan, Jackie, and Carina. When we told them about our plans, they told us that we would be crazy to take this trip. We already knew about a local strike among teachers to demand more pay, but the government wants to require them to take tests. This strike has turned nationwide and has caused many roads outside of Lima to become unsafe with road blocks, etc. Also, this morning, our connections in the jungle called urging us to change our plans because of a relatively large demonstration planned for Monday. All of this combined with a 6.1 earthquake that occurred last night, which happened to have originated in the city of Pucallpa...the exact city we were supposed to go to tomorrow.

I think it's safe to say that this decision has been made for us! If there was any doubt in our minds, then it has been resolved by current events. The good news is, we're going to stay around Lima and take advantage of some extra time with some of the youth. Looks like tomorrow we're headed to MiraFlores to check out some local markets including an Indian Market (to get souvenirs) with Miguel and Gladys. Then hopefully tomorrow night or Saturday we'll cook with Alan (because he works at a Chinese restaurant and I love to cook too!). It'll be great to take the next few days slowly and make the most of our time with them before we head to Cusco. Peace!


Wes and Ellen said...

6.1 and riots? Big deal! JK. That is crazy man! I read that about a dozen teachers there in Peru got together to burn down a train station just because they were going to have to test for competency. Sounds like they need to be tested for insanity. On the other hand . . . I wonder how well teaching pays there? Sounds like you get away with some pretty "outside of the box" teaching methods.

Hope you guys are well! Tell Reid hi!

Toni said...

Hey, your mom sent me your website so I could read about your trip and keep you in my prayers. I am so proud of you and what you are doing. Keep up the good work. Be careful!!!!
(hope you don't mind messages from an old person)

Jen said...

I have to say that I am SOOO glad that you did not go on this trip - I did not have a good feeling about it! That's the protective cousin in me coming out I guess! I am sorry you didn't get to have the (probably really cool) experience but I'm really glad you decided to play it safe! :)