Friday, June 29, 2007

Today I sprained my ankle

Today I sprained my ankle and it hurts real bad. This is a close second to the virus that struck in Santiago. A bunch of us went out away from town to a park by a river and while we were playing soccer with the guys, i rolled it on the uneven ground. It was really rocky grass and had little ditches all through it. It wasn't bad until we sat down for a couple hours for dinner and when we got home from the ride back, I could barely walk. So now I'm stuck in this chair with a throbbing ankle. Luckily, the father of the family that is with us is a neurosurgeon...not joking. He checked it out and said it's a sprain, but still doesn't change the fact that it's a huge pain in the butt. Ok, that's all. Here's a couple pics from today. Did I mention that Lima is in a desert? Oh, and we ate at a restaurant where they had these Incan dancers and live music. It was a dive into the rich culture. Tonight we're just chillin and tryin to get a hold of Mario, who runs the orphanage. Peace.


Cris said...

JT! I'm glad things are going so well...I'm loving reading all of it. Bummer about your ankle, hope it heals quickly. Question: you still interested in Xavier the XTerra? I know you may not be in the right place to be thinking about it right now but let me know if you're just interested then we can talk when you get back. Adios!

Jen said...

Hey cuz! Sorry I've been out of touch lately! I'll respond to your email soon and try to get back into the blog posting too! That sucks about your ankle - I sprained mine moving last September and it hurt sooo bad so I know how ya feel! Plus not being fully mobile is a huge pain!!