Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Off to the Orphanage

Happy 4th of July! The group we're with here in Lima apparently likes Independence Day quite a bit, therefore we had a North American style cook out with burgers (USDA certified beef), hot sauce, and Dr. Pepper (my favorite). Anyway, I didn't expect such festivities, but the group enjoyed it a lot, so I went along with it. We ended the day with a viewing of Independence Day, appropriately. They're still getting used to their time here so I think they needed it. I hope you also had a relaxing day with some time with family and friends.

I'm doing better with the stomach issues. I think I've figured out that it's a bacterial infection that should be wiped out with an antibiotic that I'm planning to take tonight and this week. It looks like we're leaving tomorrow morning to stay and work with the orphanage outside of town for the remainder of the week. They're really excited about Reid and I coming, so I plead for your prayers for our safety and ability to genuinely serve there. I will be back soon with pictures and good news of our time with the children there. We should be back either Sunday or Monday...and if we love it a lot, maybe Tuesday. Hope you have a great week! Peace.


Wes and Ellen said...

Hope you guys had a great Cuatro de Julio! I am so glad you are going to be able to visit the orphanage. I know your heart leaps with joy at the opportunity to love on those tiny peruvians. Have fun and know people are praying for you guys.


webmanager said...


I was so happy to uncover your blog today and thoroughly enjoyed catching up on your exploits. Claire had mentioned that you had been sick quite a bit; hopefully, that is finally over. I pray that you complete your days there safe and healthy. We keep you in our prayers. Thanks for the updates. Love, The Greens in SA