Monday, July 16, 2007

A Night on the Town

Lima at night is beautiful. It's much nicer than I thought it might be by my impression of other parts of the city. Central Lima is bubbling with people going about their business, shopping, eating, etc. The Plaza de Armas is a much better site at night with the lighting that brings out the intricacy of the architecture.

Yesterday was great because it was a full day with some of the youth from the church. After service, Reid and I went with Alan, Karina, and Jackie to eat some Chifa at the restaurant that Alan works at. It was great food! We stayed there to watch the Copa America final to see Brazil kill Argentina. When that was over, Alan wanted to show us Chinatown, so we rode down to an area that is basically little stores filled with pirated movies and fake name brand clothes. We saw Transformers at a store for only 3 soles, which is less than 1 U.S. Dollar. I didn't get anything. So after that we walked more to downtown and saw the Plaza at night. Then we went down to the river and discovered a pretty cool park that had spots for concerts, eating, and sports. We rode a mini-train through the park that was made for kids, but it was really a blast. It was probably one of the most random days I've had here, but it was good to let some of the guys here show us around and be proud of their city. We got home late and got some rest after such a long day.

We'll spend today and tomorrow finalizing plans for Cusco. We're leaving at 5:30 on Wednesday morning with Reid's brother and another girl from Texas A & M who's going with us. We'll be there for 5 days and back on Monday. I can't wait to see what it's like there, especially now that it's been voted one of the new 7 wonders. Hopefully the education strikes will stop here soon so that everyone will remain safe and things will become calmer around the nation. Tonight we're going to pick up a couple friends from ACU who have been in Paraguay all summer and are staying in Lima for a few days. I'll get back soon with a few stories from the past few weeks during our time here. I should have time later this afternoon. Thanks to all for your comments, prayers, and encouragement! Peace.


Simple thoughts from a simple man... to a complicated world! said...

Hey man, I am glad things are going well for you and Reid and I am really proud of you both that yall are going out on a limb to reach out to people and explore what God has for you both around the world. I know you will find what you are looking for and I hope you have more clarity about life after college. I am praying for you both and thank you for the updates. I really enjoy reading about your adventures! Blessings and much love!

Simple thoughts from a simple man... to a complicated world! said...

... one more thing, tell the girls from Paraguay that I say hi. They are really cool. I hope yall have a blast out there!

-Alex C.