Tuesday, July 03, 2007


This morning I woke up with a fever and some intense stomach cramps. It seems as though at some point over the last several days I ate something that didn't agree with my stomach...probably some bad meat or something. This has of course put me back in bed with only one option: rest. This is much like how I felt in Santiago for those few days, and it is not good. It's just one of the worst feelings to be sick away from home. I guess I just need to be cautious of what I eat and be sure it's cooked right. Anyway, pray that I get better and can get back on my feet so we can do all the stuff we've got planned coming up. So I guess I will just try to get some rest, watch some office episodes and maybe put in a movie until I get to feeling good again. I'll probably still be in bed for a while if anyone wants to skype me or something. Being sick makes you a little homesick, so know that I am thinking about you all. Peace.