Monday, May 07, 2007

I'm going to Peru

Today I was driving down the road on the way back from lunch when something struck me. This was one of those moments that pierces your insides and sends adrenaline through your body. It was a revelation. I realized for the first time that I am actually leaving the country in 2 and 1/2 weeks. It came out of nowhere when I thought to myself, "I'm going to Peru...I'm going to Peru?...I'm going to Peru!!!" I think I've finally moved past the anticipatory stage to the pure ecstatic phase. I still have no idea what to expect, but I know for sure that I'm ready for some adventure and excitement in my life. All of these thoughts came just in time for finals week when I have to take 4 tests, pack my life into my car, and say some last good-byes. I don't know how to describe it other than to say that it's an inner-peace that's much needed. I find it ironic that my first impression of Latin America will be based on the city of La Paz...or if you don't know much Spanish..."The Peace". I don't even know much about the history of this place, but I'm sure of this: As God's peace is being restored to this hurting world, it's also falling on the lives of individuals in real ways. I hope God will show me peace in La Paz.

Heck, I don't know...maybe today was so good because I didn't have class, I got a big test out of the way, I went to exercise for the first time in a long time(killed my muscles, but decided I'm getting a membership at Hendrick when I get back in the fall), and there's not all that much ahead of me this week. I'd like to think it's because the stress is being wiped away as I allow God to fill those gaps. This great day was thrown into a different direction when I called the State department to check the status of my passport, only to find that it was still being processed...after 10 weeks! They told me to call back in a few days to see where things stood, and the lady kindly left the conversation reminding me that there was no way to tell if it'd make it by May 25th. Oh great...But hopefully my patience will last and God will pull through.


Cris said...

you have no idea how excited i really got, and not just because you told me to. consider it reciprocated.

The Fletcher Pandilla said...

This was my first time to actually read a blog so you should feel lucky! HAHA! Can't wait to hear about your summer and don't forget to look at our blog. I don't even know the address, that's pretty sad. Lee keeps it up for us. I'll be praying for you!