Monday, May 14, 2007

Houston, here I come!?

What? As strage as this sounds, it's true. I figured out today that it doesn't pay to be cheap. I had no idea that 11 weeks ago it would have been much smarter to expedite my passport rather than paying for regular service. Keep in mind that it's not supposed to take longer than 10 weeks, and here we are at week 11. After spending several hours on hold with the State Department, they informed me that there's no way to guarantee that it would make it to me in time for my departure (10 days from now). All the operator could tell me was that it's still in process in Houston and that I could call there to set up an appointment to try and get it. If this wasn't enough, there's always the threat of it actually getting shipped in time and lost in the world of ACU mail services. Ya, I think I'll take the chance and go to Houston. I have to admit, part of me wants to take the trip to get some driving time in before I can't for 2 months.

Plus, don't tell anyone, but I can also swing by Impact to say whassup to some of my Houston buds. I mean I'm not gonna complain.

It's so good to be home. There's something about it that's not like anywhere else in the world. It might be because I know I won't be here for a loooong time, but it just feels really nice to relax and have a break from school. I over-stressed my self way too much this semester and this break could not have come at a better time....except maybe a month ago. Ha. I do miss my friends and I'm starting to be all nostalgic and stuff, but I get these random moments of excitement, like when I listen to a good song in the car and I picture myself taking off on the plane or something. Then it kind of dies off because I realize I'm actually leaving really soon.

So last night I went to the Village Church to hear Matt Chandler. It's a really neat church that has a lot going on for them. It was really refreshing to be at a place where the worship is so raw and real. They played a video of him speaking because there's like 6 services, but it was so weird because it was life-size and looked like he was actually standing on the stage or something. He talked about mothers and women and nurturing. I would highly recommend downloading the podcast.


Deanna said...

i read your post and freaked out that maybe my passport was full or expired. im safe though. whew! i hope you get yours. say hey to h-town for me! : ) see you soon!

Zelda said...

Well said.