Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A cleaning of my head...

I keep letting lots of time go by between posts these past several weeks. I really can't believe that the month of September is almost half over! Time is flying by right now with the busyness of classes, studying, work, ministry, and friendships. Being back in in the states is a reminder of how laid back life seemed to be in South America this summer. Although I was in two of the largest cities on the continent, there was simplistic feel in the air of Lima and Santiago. I do, however, enjoy the daily happenings here in Abilene, Texas as I get the opportunity to prepare for what God will do through me in the future.

I've had lots of time to reflect and assess the overall experiences we had this summer. It was definitely full of ups and downs and high points and even a few low points. But one thing is for sure...God was glorified and lives were changed. I don't know if I've actually put that into words in this blog in the past, but it's something that's really been on my heart lately. Since we've embarked on the new semester, South America has really been heavy on my heart. I sit back and remember the places I went, the people I met and the culture I experienced, it gives me a sense of joy and peace. I'm not sure if it's just because I'm holding to an unrealistic memory, or because I'm still adjusting to being back, or if that's just the way the Spirit works, but I'm just desperately trying to figure out what to make of it.

I feel like God has brought me closer to him lately. It's strange, but I feel his presence in my life more than I have in a long time. My focus has been somewhat intensified as I seek to understand these experiences this summer and how they relate to where I've been and where I'm going. It's come to the point where I'm ready to stop allowing fear to motivate me to do things, and to start allowing the boldness of God to lead my life. I believe that ridding oneself of fear is a tremendous start to an attempt at living loud for God.

Lots of thoughts, lots of thoughts. I think I mainly just wanted to spill some before they build up to the point of forgetfulness setting in. Well keep praying for the people of Latin America...Chile and Peru...as I look for ways to serve God.