Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Missing Peru

Tonight has reminded me of how much my heart goes out to my family and friends in Peru. For spending such little time there, I long to know how each of my friends is doing on their walk lately. I often find my mind drifting to thoughts of what they might be doing at this very same moment, or where they might be headed in traffic, or if they're eating at some of the same restaurants where we shared good conversation.

I pray tonight for Flor in her difficult house keeping duties; I pray for Alan to be strong at work where he makes Chifa and as he might confront temptation daily; I pray for Miguel and Gladys that they're educational pursuits remain a priority; I pray for Corina and Jackie to stay women of God with pure hearts.

Culture has a way of sweeping you off your feet. It can change you and it can challenge you. I miss how exciting life seemed in Peru and how I saw something new each day. I'm charged up to keep those same eyes here in the states where God is clearly moving and as I take part in that. How great it is that God is the same there as He is here!