Thursday, June 07, 2007

I'm here...or there!!!

I'm finally on South American soil. After an overnight flight of 9.5 hours, I arrived in Santiago. Reid and Kelley were there to pick me up after I walked awkwardly through a crowd of taxi drivers who desperately wanted my business. I had an interesting encounter with one who followed me around asking if I was with the Disney on Ice group...which of course I was not. Anyway, our plane was only half full, which gave me my own row on the window side. I probably slept a total of 2 hours off and on, and am now still awake after about 48 hours of no sleep, so I'm a little delirious. I can't describe the view coming into the city. Flying south over the Pacific Ocean, I saw the sunrise over the tall Andes Mountains to the East. It was a glorious view until we got low enough to enter the smog that filled the valley that the city sits in. I'll post pictures soon!

In the city, we drove around seeing different parts and running errands. We spent the morning at the church building watching the Office, then went to lunch at a Peruvian restaurant (how appropriate), then went to the mall to get some soccer (Football) shoes because I don't have any (nor do I have any soccer skills, but will hopefully fix that soon too). The mall here is ridiculous. It's got stores that I'ver never heard of and alot of upscale ones...Apple, Nike, Penguin, etc. There is definitely alot of diversity though. Driving back from the airport I noticed tiny houses and apartments that are far beyond decay in anything I've seen in the U.S.

My time here is going to be great. We'll be staying with Kelley and Julie and getting familiar with the city, meeting people, learning lots of Spanish, and hanging with the Aggies. Please keep praying for God to teach us new things each day, for my diligence in learning Spanish, and more importantly, for me to get outside my comfort zone. I've realized that lots of missionary work revolves around simply being yourself and not being afraid of what people think of you- and doing it with passion. We'll see what God does this summer! Peace.


Wes and Ellen said...

Glad you there! I know you are going to have a blast. Get some rest, you will be more effective and you will enjoy yourself more.

Kevin Claypool said...

Jeremy, I gald to see that you made it there. It was ironic that i was praying for your safe flight, while we were flying back to abilene (I think that i forgot to pray for our flight :) God is Good! Have a great time and take care!

Kelly said...

Jeremy! You made it to Peru! You were well prayed for. I'm sure it's beautiful there.

I look forward to tracking your journey this summer. You were right about the mission work coming from you being yourself. Have you ever heard Randy speak on the ministry of presence? God in you is going to be amazing for the people there.

Keep us posted on what to pray for, I'll be blessed to do it.

Love you!