Thursday, October 18, 2007

Richly Blessed

The past week has surely been a blessing to me and to many others. It's hard for me to explain just what's going on as far as the future goes, but one thing is certain- things are happening, some big things...

First of all, I got to meet the famous Deanna (in person, for real this time!). I've spent the past year and a half hearing about her dreams and talking some on the phone, but we got to actually spend some good time together this past weekend. She's a load of fun and has a heart that's eager to share good news with others.

Next, I got to meet the Chad and Sarah Lukkason. They are a couple at Oklahoma Christian that are looking at grad school at ACU and possibly at partnering with "the team" to Chile in the future. It seems like they have much to offer in terms of sharing some good news.

Finally, I discovered some incredible news from back home in G-town. My home church, Saturn Road, does a big fundraiser for our annual missions funds. Each year a goal is set to reach in order to support missions throughout the coming year. This year the goal was $500,000 big ones. I know, crazy and bold right? Well guess what...God graciously provided a whopping $631,041 dollars for the work of His kingdom this year. This week has left me silent at the work of God in these few powerful ways. The faithfulness of our Father has awed me and humbled me.

I believe God knows what He's doing. It's not by chance that these events have occurred simultaneously in the same weekend. I am seeking to understand what exactly God would have of me, though the more I learn, the more I believe it's already been clearly placed before me. Now all that's left to do is continued and constant prayer. Thanks to God for the beauty of the ways in which He works.


Deanna said...

hey thanks dude! you have a shout out on my blog too! : )