Wednesday, September 17, 2008

here's life...

Yes, I's been a ridiculously long time since I've written anything on here. The blog has definitely gotten the shaft over the past few months. I got swamped with work at Impact this summer and didn't have any time to spare. This trickled over to being at home and working lots in August, which has then brought me to almost 4 weeks of school being done before I realized that I've neglected this (obviously) vital part of life. So here goes an update of how things are for me...

College- School is in full swing and 16 hours has treated my nicely so far. All my classes (minus one) are on Tuesdays & Thursdays. That's 8-3. I've got an 8 o'clock on MWF, which keeps me having to get out of bed at the same time each day (which is usually about 7:40). I'm in a marketing class which I love, and a philosophy class that I don't understand. But it's fun an
d not a terrible schedule, so who could complain. 

Work- I'm still working at the Friendship House for right now. So much has changed there and it's really different, but I'm still a part of it, at least for a while. We'll see how things go. I miss how things used to be, but it's still about loving people and I'm still about loving people too. Pray for all of this if you will. There is a new kid that I think God's placed him there because he needs someone to count on and be there for him.

Church- I love Southern Hills. My church here is rockin and I love my community there. I've gotten really involved with the campus ministry there recently and it's such a blessing. I feel like I've finally started to be used by God in ways that I've never been before. Such a good group.

Not Chile- Perhaps you've heard, but Chile is no longer on the horizon for me, at least for as far as I can see. I spoke with the team and shared with them what's been on my heart. It was really tough to make this decision, but I could feel God tugging at my heart to do something else. What is that something else? Not too sure, but I know there is something just right for me coming around the bend. 

Grad School- This is the season for applying to grad schools. Here's what I'm looking at so far. Masters in Social Work at: University of Houston, Baylor, University of Texas (sssss), and University of Texas at Arlington. Masters of Urban Planning: Texas A&M. Masters of Public Service & Administration: Texas A&M. First step, need to take the GRE before I can apply! That's only 180 dollars. 

Birthday- I'm 22. Isn't that weird? I feel like I'm an old man. And I'm also getting more and more gray hairs. Awesome. Got to go home last weekend and spend some time with the family.

Houston- I've been thinking alot about those in Houston affected by Ike. I think I might need
 to make a trip down there soon and help out if I can. I miss them! Keep praying. 

I guess that's all. Nothing much new here. Just going through the motions and enjoying my last year at ACU. Keep in touch and have a blessed day! 


Brent Bailey said...

i've officially subscribed! glad to hear your thoughts.

Laurie said...

Your dad is really good looking!