Sunday, April 27, 2008

i like aggies

I'm not really sure why, but whenever I spend time with Aggies, it makes me feel good. There is just something about them that is difficult to find anywhere else. I can't help but wonder how life would be if I had chosen to walk down that path. It's so good to maintain a connection over the miles of friendship though. I find it funny how God's people can stay within such a deep network of connection with others no matter where they are on the planet.
So tonight, a group of AFCer's came up to Abilene to share some skits during the 9 o'clock devotional on campus. It was pretty dang awesome. I got to share in some fun memories with many people who I hadn't seen in quite some time. Afterwards, we talked and talked and made plans to do more stuff in the coming weeks.

In other areas of my life...I am still planning to serve as co-director of VBS at Impact Church in Houston. I decided tonight that I'm staying with Tim and Jenny Winter. I hear they are a pretty neat family and it'll be nice to be around another young family all summer. Plus they live close to the church and in a pretty cool neighborhood.

I'm still working with the Friendship House here in Abilene. The past few weeks have been insane. I planned a going away bar-b-que for the Fletchers that seemed to be a big hit. All the families came out to share their memories and send them off with a blessing and thanks for their hard work in the neighborhood. We had a crazy Mom's Night Out and Teen Day Out this past weekend that also went wonderfully. I'm really starting to get feel the emotions of Lee and Steph's move that approaches. I'll hopefully still be there as we all transition to a new family in the house. Ah, sad.

This is the last week of class! I can't believe it! It has gone by so fast. I do not feel overwhelmed for some strange reason. God has really stood by my side this semester as I have had an overbooked schedule. Thanks to him, and only him, I've made it through 6 long semesters. Senior year here I come.

Other than that, I am preparing myself for some really tough goodbyes. It's gonna be horrific to say bye to several friends who are departing at the end of the term for other places around the world as they follow God's guidance for his service. I get to go to Nebraska with a friend for a few days to help him move. Never been there. I also get to stay a few weeks in Abilene with the FH crew to make some summer plans and help them clean out and pack up. With all of this, comes the typical goodbyes we make before a break.

Emotions+Stress=Potential Tears