Friday, January 18, 2008

It has begun

Well, it's official, the new semester has begun, and I can feel it. This has probably felt like one of the longest weeks I can remember for a long time. On Tuesday night I laid down and thought "Is this really just the second day??" haha.

However, it's such a blessing to get back to seeing old frields across campus, having people over, and catching up with the group. I love getting back into a routine. That seems to be where I function best. Sometimes I get a little too into my routine and get busy, but so far, it has been wonderful.

Here is an update of the current status of my life:

This semester I'm taking 16 hours. On Monday, it felt a little overwhelming as I went to 3 classes (I had just one on MWF last fall). All of my classes are 400 level, which basically means they're senior level and really tough. I think I'm going to be very challenged, but I also think I'm going to learn a ton of stuff.

For my social work degree I have to do a field practicum at a local agency. I was placed at Betty Hardwick Center MHMR. I get 3 hours credit for doing 10 hours per week there (150 semester total). Therefore, I am technically in class or at this internship for 27 hours per week...whew! I know. It's going to be incredible to work with the children and teens at this agency though. More to come as we go...

I'm still "working" at the Friendship House. I love it. It's perfect ministry for me right now and it's fulfulling to be used as I'm in Abilene to gain a deeper understanding of the ways I can serve God with what he's given me. We haven't started the afterschool program yet, but it will gear up in a week or so.

Hello new job, goodbye old one: That's right....I stopped working a couple night shifts at the dorm and am now "instructor-in-training" for outdoor fitness and group personal training program. I've gotten up at the ungodly hour of 5:15 3 days this week to workout and it's doing me pretty well right now. I'll just be doing one morning per week beginning next week.

I've decided to go to Houston this summer and direcet their summer-long VBS and summer reading program. I'm SO excited for what this experience will mean and how God will once again open my eyes to His people in Houston, TX.

Oh one more thing...I'm joined a team of good friends planning to do ministry in Concepcion, Chile in a few years. We've just begun the "official" training for that, so we'll see how that goes! I'm excited to see how God works on this path. More to come on this as well.